Localization Update is LIVE on Steam, GOG and itch!

This update features 4 additional languages and a TON of quality of life and balancing changes!

Hi all, welcome to the Localization Update (aka Build 53) of Depth of Extinction! Highlights are full translations into Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese as well as quite a few new “quality of life” features and lots of small balancing changes and bug fixes.

This was a huge update as I had to touch every system in the game to fully localize it and the final translation size was almost 25,000 words! If you played DOE, then you know it is a very text heavy game so this won’t surprise you. I had to make a few edits to get the word count to a more reasonable size but it is very close in content to the English version.

New Features

  • Added a key binding menu in the Controls tab. This should let you rebind *most- keyboard shortcuts in the game. Sorry, but haven't got support for gamepad/joystick remapping yet. This could be in a future update.
  • When a dead character is revived they will immediately get a turn with a single action point. I expect there may be some edge cases that don't work quite right but using an item on the character to revive worked quite well in my testing.
  • On Equipment lists, I removed the Tier drop down selector in favor of a toggle that will hide items that are already equipped to someone else, can't be equipped at all, or (in the case of weapons) outside of the class requirements for the character. Should help you pare down long lists of equipment in the late game.
  • A Secondary enemy faction is now assigned to each area and can appear in Stronghold and Mini Boss map nodes
  • Stat displays in various places that only showed an icon and the number value have been changed to display the text label for the stat and the value. I think this change is really overdue and should make it easier to understand the game.
  • Character Stats panel is greatly improved and now allows selection in controller mode

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I wanted to release this first preview early because it has a really huge feature that many of you have asked for: translations in nine different languages. I don’t have the funds to invest in translating into all the languages I would like to support, so I am hoping that the community will be able to help fix problems with specific translations over the next few months before Build 53 is considered “final.”

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