Definitive Edition Updates Roundup and Console Launch!

More bug fixes, balancing and small changes based on feedback are now in the game!

We've made a lot of updates to DOE over the last month since the Definitive Edition launched. These are all a part of Build 52.10 which I've been posting about in the forums so some of this you may have seen before.

I'm also excited to announce that the console edition of Depth of Extinction is coming soon! I'm a first time console developer with the crazy idea of trying to launch the game on all of those platforms at once. This would not have been possible without the help of my friends over at Finite Reflection taking the reins on the XBOX and PS4 version (check out their amazing game TwinCop).

Here's the launch schedule for console and links if you are interested. June 3 - XBox One June 4 - Nintendo Switch™ June 11 - PlayStation 4 - TBA

As promised, here's the change log for Build 52.10:

  • The player team can now spawn on the south side of the "over sea platforms" missions
  • State now saves at the encounter display and the mission loadout
  • A bug that was keeping the sub and experimental weapon achievements from popping is resolved (should repair when you load the save)
  • Updated the icons on the encounters to better represent the kind of encounter to help you plan your route
  • Sometimes the Plasma Weapon objectives didn't grant the weapon.
  • Cultist objective difficulty was raised
  • Fixed some bugs with enemy visibility that caused pods in other rooms to sometimes alert when they should not
  • Auto equip was not equipping the best weapon in some cases
  • Followers sometimes not going after loot or going after loot that alerted an enemy pod
  • "Two square" cover was still granting the cover bonus when both characters were on the corners
  • Overwatch was not checking Line of Sight properly resulting in firing through walls
  • Escape key opens the main menu and Backspace key cancels an action (used to be Escape)
  • The cell room on the platform missions was spawning too much cover
  • If two characters could overwatch an enemy and the first one killed him, the second player lost their overwatch without firing
  • Added an overwatch sound effect
  • Follow mode paused when spotting enemies but didn’t resume when they went invisible
  • Improve encounter UI layout
  • Update selection circles so only the active character's circle is animated
  • If character has a "Boost" status like War Cry or Cutter, that is displayed on the large HUD elements
  • Reduce size of tactical maps, especially the "activate/deactivate node" missions. - Final objective missions are still a bit larger
  • Bug with Class Unlock objectives not ending properly and unlocking the class. You can just load the save to resolve this one.
  • Overwatch firing during an ambush was ignoring cover
  • Fixed grenade misses. if you have missed with a grenade then you probably know what I am talking about here haha.
  • Edited down some class options in encounters that seem to show up way too often.
  • Added some Saboteur class options.
  • Nerfed the Wrecker scrap blast slightly (destroyed cover does 2 damage instead of 3)
  • Nerfed the credits dropped by higher level enemies. May not fix the in game economy but i think it will help.

Hope you are enjoying the Definitive Edition! Please consider leaving us some feedback or a review. Both really help!

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